Thursday, July 26, 2012

My face on the web/Social networking workflow

So, I'm all over the web, because like any of my tribe (Gen-X Overthinkers, of the subtribe Shlubby Ink Stained Atheist Fanboy), I am a technophile and something of a collector. I like pages that track my interests, and expose me to other people's.

In addition, I am in the process of starting the "self promotion" part of my shoe string self publishing hobby. I would appreciate the help of a few clicks if you have a Facebook or Amazon account. Also, I may use the info in a Indie Pub !Science! article.

Note, I'm not asking people to buy books. My attitude is that if you're on my Facebook feed already, I'm happy to give you a copy in epub or mobi format (which will work on Kindles) for free. Email or PM me. I am interested to see if this kind of social networking convinces other people to buy books from an unestablished, unrepresented author, however.

This is the link to my Amazon author page. I have heard a rumor, possibly false, that these get bumped up in the ranks if there are more author "likes".  It's easier than writing a review, if you've read any of my books and enjoyed it at all.

This is the link to my Facebook Author page. Once 30 people "like" this page, I can view traffic stats. :-/. I believe I might start pushing all my "every week should end in awesome" type links through this page. I believe.

I am on Twitter. I blort things on here, sometimes.

I am on Good Reads. We can compare book collections, and I will be notified when you review books.

I am on Pinterest, because I love weird art. This is where I collect tattoo flash, pictures of monsters, and food pr0n.

I am including my blog address because I know this link will show in my Facebook feed. You can RSS it. Lolololololo!


I used to publish on Smashwords, and may do so again because it distributes to so many publishing platforms. You can like this author profile, but I think you need a Smashwords account, which is of marginal use to people not interested in Indie Pr0n. But if you're there already....

Because I like to add value, here's a couple of workflow tips for fellow Indie writer wannabees:

You can update Facebook automatically from any blog or tweet, meaning each update to your blog or twitter feed is a twofer.

In Twitter I do all my short, texty, "pith and vinegar" posts. To connect Twitter and Facebook, go to Settings, then Profile, then your Facebook settings.

Longer posts come from my blog, and I use the Facebook App RSS Graffiti to pull them from my blog directly into my Facebook page. Search for RSS Graffiti in facebook and then allow it access to your Facebook page. After that, it will show up under Apps in your newsfeed. When you open RSS Graffiti, you need to create a Publishing Plan, enter a URL that should be imported to Facebook, and target the appropriate Facebook page (for instance, your personal or Author Facebook page).

If you have social networking workflow tips that you'd like to share, let me know in the comments!

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