Wednesday, September 05, 2012

11 PM Book Review: Havemercy by Jaida Jones

Fun soap opera about four characters caught in the endgame of a magical war.

Titled for a character's flying mechanical dragon, the book has little to do with the dragons, but alot to do with their riders, the "airmen".

The first 50 pages were a bit of a slog, but after the tension ratchets up between two of the main characters, an airman and a sensitivity trainer who is tasked to teach the valuable airmen manners after a diplomatic incident, it begins to roll along. That storyline, the chaste M/M romance between the other two viewpoint characters, and to a lesser extent, the mechanics of the magical war itself (magical germ warfare, guerrilla warfare, and bombing runs), kept me entertained.

I was mystified by the complete lack of female protagonists, the male characters seeming to stand in for them in some cases. I didn't find the main characters motivations convincing, but they were so sincere that I just figured what the hell.

A good read for anybody who likes potboilers and the new weird or m/m romance and fantasy.

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