Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rock of Aeons available on Nook soon!

Rock of Aeons will start to become available on stores other than Amazon beginning today. First published on Smashwords in November of 2011, I enrolled it in the Kindle Select program in May of 2012, which allowed me access to some different revenue streams through Amazon, but required that I sell only on Amazon. Unsurprisingly, for a relatively unknown hobby publisher, the benefits of Kindle Select were kind of meh. So, as of today, Rock of Aeons is available from Smashwords for $2.99. Smashwords will made it available in mobi,epub and pdf formats, so you can read it on any e-reader. Rock of Aeons is still available from Amazon at This Link, and in softcover from Amazon at This Link. It should thereafter become available from most ebook retailers.

Vignetta in the Red House will become available through other ebook retailers next Saturday.

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