Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Frankenstein Vs. The Titans! FREE! August 19th to August 23rd!

I was talking to a friend about passing along a free copy of Frankenstein Vs. the Titans, and realized I had done nearly nothing to promote my lovely title for over a year.

So today, August 19th, through Sunday, August 23rd! Frankenstein Vs. The Titans, a two color, gonzo-urban-fantasy-buddy-cop novel, is free! Like a bird! On Amazon. To all of my friends, and their friends, and the readership of sfsignal if they publish the link in their weekly free fiction blog post.

Frankenstein's monster fights supernatural threats with his mortal partner! 
Theo Frankenstein's father refused to give him a name. So Theo made one out of his biographer's most famous work. Audrey Sefton had no clue that his new posting as a detective in special services would mean policing monsters. And he's not sure that he likes keeping it classified. Westhoeven is a small Midwestern city, and a reservation where the U.S. government has secretly located all manner of supernatural entities. Today, something has started killing wizards, threatening to ignite a war between wizards and monsters. Today, Theo must break in his new mortal partner, find out what his monstrous girlfriend is hiding from him, and solve the mystery for his backers in The Agency. Or Westhoeven may get stomped flat.
If you don't have a Kindle reader, you can download the Kindle Reader App for tablets, smartphones and computers.

I did a limited freelease for the launch of Frankenstein Vs. The Titans in March of 2014, for friends and family, because wider freelease hadn't previously done anything for sales... but neither does NO PROMOTION! So, spread this around if you read the first couple of pages and like it. One of these tiny bumps in sales will launch me right over that shaaaaaark...

If you do pass my links along, I will sign your head. If you want. Not forcibly, or anything like that.

I respectfully ask that if you have any feelings about it one way or the other, you review it on Amazon. KTHX.

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